Prezentare Facultate

Economical Sciences began in Arad starting with the university year of 1993-1994, when the address to the Ministry of National Education No. 1346 / 17.09.1993, started the economic profile with two modules: Finance and Banking (specialization: Finance and insurance) respectively - Management, Accounting and Financial Control (specialization: Accounting and Management Information Systems). From then on the Faculty of Engineering became "Faculty of Engineering and Economics" title under which it functioned until the month of October 1999.

The year of birth for the Faculty of Economics was 1999. GD no. 866 / 28.10.1999 was signed, becoming the founding document of the current Faculty of Economics with two majors, Finance and Insurance, daily courses, and Accounting and Management Information Systems, day courses without frequency courses. Both specializations are accredited by the specific national institution that worked at the time regarding faculty accreditations.

The quality of the educational act, the professionalism of the teachers and their capability to adapt "on the fly" to labor market demand dynamics have made possible the development of curricula and the educational offer for students. Thus at the Faculty of Economics of the University "Aurel Vlaicu" Arad students can prepare undergraduate studies in different specializations.

The mission of the Faculty of Economics is to train highly qualified specialists as a result of the process of teaching and research in partnership with the economic, public and private sector and other research institutes or universities.

The mission of the Faculty of Economics defined in the strategy of the Faculty of Economics is: acting as a motor of development of society through constant vigil on the demand for specialists in the economic environment and creating permanent adaptation of the educational offer, professional skills and research in all areas addressed.

The Faculty of Economics aims to train specialists in economic and financial matters with university training to continually update on the latest scientific achievements in the economic field.